Toddler's In Islam

 A collection of stories and activities  inspired by the curiosity and imagination of toddlers. Each story is narrated with the intention of teaching your child a simple duaa. The stories have Muslim characters and colorful illustrations.

Toddler in Islam  has been part of ICCV from last SIX years and has very successful with the parents.  This fun engaging and inspiring  class is led by team of dedicated moms of the ICCV communy. 

"Toddler in Islam" class is held every FRIDAY at ICCV community social hall from 5:00 PM onward.

If you need more information about this session, please get in touch with Sr. Bennish Pervez @

 Volunteers/Teacher who lead the class:

  • Sr. Beenish Pervez
  • Sr. Sana Hassan
  • Sr. Huma Merchant