Women's Islamic Network (WIN)

The Women’s Islamic Network “WIN@ICCV” provides educational programs, social activities, moral support and positive opportunities uniting Muslim women of Conejo valley and the surrounding regions, all based upon the principles of Islam.  

  • EDUCATION: The goal of this committee is to enhance Islamic and secular education in women. 
  • SENIOR SOCIAL: This committee arranges monthly activities for our diverse group of seniors. 
  • MOMMY AND ME: This committee provides opportunities for the mothers and infants/ toddlers to interact with each other. 
  • HOSPITALITY GROUP: The objective of this group is to provide post natal support to mothers, welcome new families to the community and provide support for those who have recently lost loved ones. 
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: The intent of this committee is to organize events for women of all ethnic backgrounds to get together and socialize. 
  • ISLAMIC COUNSELING: The counseling service offered by ICCV is through Imam Muhammed Shoayb. 
  • COOKING CLASSES: Fun and learn the art of make delicious food and bring families  together.
  • ISLAMIC OUTREACH: This committee promotes a positive image of Islam by fostering mutual understanding and appreciation among all faiths. 
  • JANAZAH GROUP: The purpose of this group is to train women on the proper procedure of bathing, shrouding and burial of the deceased.  

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 Education      Senior Social Group   Mommy and me Group    Hospitality Group  Social Activities  Islamic Counseling  Cooking Classes  Islamic Outreach  Janazah Group 

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 WIN aims to create quality Islamic-themed programs and activities for all women in the community.   To encourage our sisters to get to know one another and create a sisterhood. Also, by strengthening the bond with one another, we become closer to guide each other through problems, issues as well as sharing the good & situations in need of advice. 

Women's Islamic Network (WIN) Board:

  • Naheed Lakhani
  • Hijasma Mohammad
  • Sajeda Patel
  • Humera Syed
  • Tasneem Saifi
  • Tazeen Ghani
  • Sheeba Patel