ICCV Youth Group/ Boys & Girls Club (BGC)


The goal for the youth group (YG) and Boy's & Girls club (BGC) is to provide an Islamic social program for the high school age kids (YG)and elementary /middle-school age kids (BGC)

The club strives to develop teen and youths by:

  • Building character and reinforcing Islamic values
  • Emphasizing citizenship and community service
  • Developing leadership skills through activity planning
  • Creating a desirable social Islamic environment 

Some sample activities/Events: 

Community Service:

  • Ventura County Rescue Mission/Soup Kitchen
  • Food Drive
  • Interfaith Events

Islamic/Character Development:

  • Youth Camp (Malibu, CA)
  • Ramadan Qiyam



  • Dojo Boom: From Ninja obstacle Course to Air Dunk (2019)
  • Inter-masjid Basketball Tournament
  • LA Lakers basketball
  • Sky High/Escape Room/Laser Tag


  • College Workshop
  • UCLA College Day
  • Mentorship program

  • Meeting Time/Frequency:
  • BGC will meet every two weeks
  • Youth group will be integrated with MIU school. This is necessary to ensure consistency and engagement. In addition, event activities will typically be twice a month 

Enroll in YOUTH GROUP/ BOYS & GIRLS CLUB (BGC) by contacting  Azhar Ghani at  theghanifamily@gmail.com 


2019 Kickoff Event: ICCV Youth Group / Boys & Girl Club(BGC)

BGC Update (for ages <13yrs youth):

  •  Next Meeting:  This Sunday (3/17 from 1-2pm) at ICCV (in back prayer room).
  • Topic:  We will make flyers and posters for the ICCV Food Drive Event that we discussed last time.  In addition, we will start youth basketball games.  
  • Future BGC dates:  To assist with planning, the BGC will meet on the following future dates- 3/31 and 4/14

Youth Group Update (for 13+yrs teens):

  •  Next Meeting:   This Sunday (3/17 from 1-2pm) at ICCV (in back prayer room). 
  • Key Topic:  Support BGC in the ICCV Food Drive Event and plan future youth group events
  • Future YG dates:  To assist with planning, the YG will meet on the following future dates- 3/31 and 4/14 

ICCV Youth Cub Membership

Become a member of ICCV Youth club today:

Link to the Youth Cub Registration Form